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Calm Aid Liquid
Calm Aid Liquid

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Calm Aid Liquid

Used to help pets feel calm. Can be used for short-term problems like aiding with fireworks fear, car travel anxiety etc and as a base to aid with training giving the pet a calmer demeanour to be able to focus on your interaction with your own pet.
  • We suggest 48hrs usage before benefits are seen and no need to re-use after temporary fear is resolved. Longer term usage is possible for anxieties that have multiple causes and until re-training is completed. May be of continuous benefit with clinical applications. Ideal for travel and kennel stays, vet visits and grooming. Multiple pet households with behavioural issues. Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC). Ideal for aggressive disorders, separation anxiety and anxiety in general. Neurogenic diarrhoea (combined with our probiotic syringe or Tummy Aid is very effective). Neurogenic dermatitis (combined with Skin Aid is effective)